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This lesson is aimed at finding the main idea and details in an informational text. The text is at grade C reading level. The learner should be able to identify, sort, state and write the central idea and it’s supporting details in a given text. The terms central idea, theme, thesis, mainly about, will be used as synonymous with the main idea of a text. The students will create a brochure/flyer, conduct research and build fluency during the course of this lesson.
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Upper Primary
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Jenn Crosley
on Jul 22, 03:05pm Evaluation

Quality of Assessments: Not Applicable (N/A)

The flyer assessment does not go along with the lesson. It does not seem to address main idea.

Jenn Crosley
on Jul 22, 03:05pm Evaluation

Quality of Instructional and Practice Exercises: Very Weak (0)

The final assessment can be done after the whole class activity regardless of the guided practice activity. The articles are not of value to the lesson.

Amanda Candal on Oct 17, 08:40pm

This resource is a great one for teaching main idea of informational text. It not only gives the students engaging reads and activities, but it guides them with clear goals and strategies. There are on the spot assessments for teachers to gauge throughout and after the lesson. Some of the articles are too difficult to read for 4th grade students, so scaffolding will be required. They are not all reliable sources of information. It could lead to a great discussion on research validity. The extension activity is a great assessment piece that complements the learning goals. This is an overall great resource to engage students in learning about determining the main idea.

Amanda Candal
on Oct 17, 08:27pm Evaluation

Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching: Superior (3)

The overall structure and design of the lessons are coherent and sequential. The resources provided are great tools to guide the instruction and they target the learning objective.

Amanda Candal
on Oct 17, 08:27pm Evaluation

Quality of Technological Interactivity: Strong (2)

All of the required reads are able to be accessed on a computer with internet access. The reading material cannot be altered to meet my learners' individual reading levels, so it restricts some of my students from accessing the information.

Victoria Sabija on Apr 30, 02:30pm

This resource is a very valuable tool for teachers and other stakeholders to use when trying to teach ABE students, or even third and fourth grade students, about identifying the main idea and details of an informational text. It provides clear learning objectives and easy-to-follow instructional strategies. It also provides follow-up activities and suggestions for assessing the skills.

Sandhya Lakhanpal @Victoria Sabija on Jan 20, 05:13pm

Thank you for the encouraging feedback Victoria.


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