A3: Learning a New Dance: The Role Wraparound Can Play in Strengthening Attachment Relationships

Carey Alvord, Melissa Geiger, Jessica Holzer, Seth Williams

This workshop will focus on attachment concepts and how teams can use them in the Wraparound process. The planning process can become frustrating when teams feel that family members are not following through with Wraparound plans, when clients and caregivers just “cannot get along” and when a youth’s behaviors appear to be for “no reason.” Topics we will address include: understanding the parent child relationship, how trauma impacts this relationship and looks like “behavioral problems,” how to talk about attachment in a strength based way, and how each member within Wraparound has a role in supporting relational goals. Our presentation will help participants gain a better understanding of how attachment and trauma may affect the individual and family dynamic, as well as provide practical tools for all positions to move forward in individual and family meetings.

Download: 154WIS376-A3 Learning a New Dance.pdf

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