A Letter to Request a Recommendation: A Contextualized 4 day Lesson Plan

All of the required documents are below.  

Download: Career & Business Prep Project LP1.docx

Day 1: requires students/teacher to access the Marshall Adult Education Readings that are online and printable. The link to access the reading that I use is: 

Marshall Reading: Getting a Job Reference

Day 2: requires students to compare and contrast two example letters. 

Download: Letter to Request a Recomendation SUPERVISOR.docx

Download: Letter to Request a Recomendation TEACHER.docx

Day 3: Requires students to use a template and now write their own letter to me (the teacher). 


Day 4: Is finishing yesterdays letter and working on correct grammar and spelling with a classmate.  (no extra materials required)  The system for editing that our program uses does not allow me to share it on OER.  

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