Librarians Building Cultures of Inquiry & Literacy in STEM

2016 ALA Presentation Resources

This document includes handouts and presentation slides that were used in the 2016 ALA Annual Conference, Orlando presentation (June 26, 2016) of the 3-year IMLS funded project, School Librarians Advancing STEM Literacy (SLASL).

Handouts and Slides

Download: Defining Inquiry.pdf

Download: Learning and Practice Rubric.pdf

Download: ISKME - Text-Based Inquiry in STEM - Unit Template.pdf

Download: Developing an Essential Question in STEM.pdf

Download: ISKME ALA 2016 - Librarians Building Cultures of Inquiry and Literacy in STEM.pdf

Introducing Joanna Schimizzi, Project STEM Lead

Remixable Unit Template on OER Commons

Unit Template: Text-Based Reading in STEM Inquiry

Unit Shared by Pam Harland

Fractal in Geometry: Fractal Cities, Now and Then

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