Instructional Conversation and Two-Spirit traditions in Early Sex Education Lessons

Chad A. Spangler Ph.D.
Chad Spangler is an Assistant Professor of Health Promotion at Montana State University – Northern. In addition to sex education, Dr. Spangler also teaches epidemiology, etiology of disease, and basic health and wellness courses.

Instructional Conversation and Two-Spirit Traditions in Early Sex Education Lessons
Each spring semester at Montana State University – Northern, a few American Indian students quietly participate in their required Sex Education course. Often reluctant to engage in discussions related to sexual behaviors and diversity, American Indian students may fail to engage in the course. Offering a lesson about two-spirited people early in the sex education course improves instructional conversation and generates course engagement for American Indian students. This proposal serves to further develop the two-spirited people lesson and include a guest presentation from a two-spirit person. 

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