Compassionate Conversations


Compassionate Conversations


Using a heart shaped rock or gemstone and a shell, students learn to actively listen and communicate with compassion. 

Learning Goals

Students learn to work through conflicts in compassionate and effective communication.


-Heart shaped rock, gemstone, stuffie etc...



1. Create a Peace Spot-this can be a small room, a corner of a room, a couch, a desk. The Peace Spot needs to be a space that is safe and comfortable for a small group of children. 

2. When people are in conflict with each-other: One person holds the heart rock, the other holds the shell. The person holding the heart rock is the compassionate communicator. He/she shares using "I" statements (I feel sad, I feel angry etc...). the person holding the shell is the compassionate listener. His/her job is to truly listen with an open heart. 

3. Switch heart rock and shell. Before the new compassionate communicator shares "I" statements, they need to acknowledge what was shared. They can start with, "I understand that you are feeling sad."

4. Eye contact is important during this compassionate communication. 

5. Celebrate at the end with a special handshake, a certificate, a hug etc...

6. Teach and model this way of conflict resolution at the beginning of the school year and reinforce throughout the year. 


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