Fraction Bars - A Conceptual Understanding

Many students find working with fractions difficult because they do not understand the abstract symbols used to represent fractions. As a result, the algorithmic process of fraction arithmetic is a series of steps that have no real meaning.

This training will teach students how to use fraction bars to gain a conceptual understanding of fractions. This conceptual understanding will help the student build a strong foundation for a traditional in-depth study of fractions. 

Participants will use fraction bars to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. Lessons include student practice sets designed to maximize instruction by creating an environment where students actively participate in the learning process.

Download: Fraction Bars Practice.doc

Download: Fraction Bars b&w 1.pdf

Download: Fraction Bars b&w 2.pdf

Download: Fraction Bars blank.pdf

Download: Fraction Bars color 1.pdf

Download: Fraction Bars color 2.pdf

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