Detailing the tires of a car

In case you are or you are planning to become car detailer, you will sooner or later have to detail car tires. This is a tedious job. You will need to first go through a lot of cleaning and only in the end you will have the chance to finally apply tire dressing. However people like to detail their tires because it gives them a shiny wet look. And since you are probably trying to become a car detailer (otherwise you would probably not read this), you should always have a goal of having a shiny wet black tire.

tire detailing
D3D-CarDriver-Sample2.jpgtire detailing

Just a symbolic picture of well designed and detailed car

How to achieve shiny wet look?

This is a step by step tutorial which will help you get the look on the tire that you want. This is the handy note that every car detailer should have by himself. So let's start with the tutorial;

  • First you wash the tire. It is essential that it is clean before you can apply tire dressing. Otherwise you will not be able to achieve the look and the shine will not really look real
  • After that you should wait for the tire to dry. Do not apply any tire dressing on a wet tire. It is not how it works.
  • Usually you will see that even though you washed the tire there are still some grease and oil stains on it. You need to remove them. This is important because in case it is not removed, you will apply tire dressing over a dirt and it will go away probably as soon as you drive the car out of the garage. Nobody wants that to happen does it? Well the solution to this is a degreaser. With degreaser and a lot of scrubbing, you will be able to wash off all the dirt from your tire. So use that and you will be able to solve the problem.
  • Finnaly you can apply the tire dressing. Make sure that you apply the dressing that is not harmful - you can also find the list on online. I would always advise over water based water dressings over the silicone based ones.

I wish you happy detailing and I hope this guide will be helpful for everyone who is trying to get in the field of tire detailing.

Joseph Riesling, a car expert and car detailer.

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