This unit includes three lessons that culminate in students crafting a letter, video or article expressing their viewpoint on a business’s responsibilities towards the citizens and the environment.

Using inquiry-focused reading, students will explore an anchor text, additional resources, then develop their own essential and supporting questions to guide their research.

Over the course of the unit, students will explore a variety of texts and grow in their knowledge of governmental and small business economic practices, the legal rights of citizens, the inter-dependencies within an ecosystem and the uses of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.
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Grade 7
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Account deleted on Oct 06, 07:50am

Thanks for your comments. It's been wonderful working with our Special Education teachers in order to tweak this project for those students. As students have been researching various man-made environmental disasters I think they're especially grateful Kinder Morgan rescinded their project here in southern NH.

Jeanna Wagner on Sep 23, 05:09pm

As a former business teacher I like this topic and think that this type of activity is super for civic responsibility. I'd even take it a step or two further - perhaps have students contact these companies via social media and attempt to create a dialogue. There is nothing more motivating to students than to have and engage with an authentic audience.

Sabrina Kirwan on Sep 21, 01:24pm

I like this local issue as a topic because it is connected to the students. Some of the accommodations for special education students were great to make sure the activity is accessible to all students. Text to speech is an effective tool for students with leading or comprehension disabilities. Providing the special educators with the material ahead of time and keeping them up to date with notes is a great way to communicate.


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