Title IV-E SOP Resources - September 21, 2016 Collaborative

Welcome to the resource page for SOP Title IV-E Waiver Counties. These counties include Alameda, Butte, Lake Los Angeles,Sacramento San Diego, San Francisco,Santa Clara, and Sonoma.

This resource page allows counties to share examples of forms, policies and procedures, training materials, communication materials any materials or videos that have supported Safety Organized Practice and implementation.

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Resources - September 21, 2016

To share a resource, please send it as an attachment or link to: Amy Spakosky

Download: Agenda - Sept 21 2016.pdf

Download: STS Informed Org Assessment.pdf

Download: Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale.pdf

Download: Why We Need a Complex Trauma Dx.pdf

Download: Beth Cohen Academy Keynote SOP.pdf

Download: Birth Parents Trauma History.pdf

Download: Birth Parents Trauma History - Fact Sheet.pdf

Download: Compassion Satisfaction and Fatigue - Scale.pdf

Download: Copenhagen Burnout Inventory.pdf

Download: Developing Trauma-Informed CWS.pdf

Download: NCTSN Trauma Informed Screening Assessment.pdf

Download: NCTSN Early Childhood Trauma.pdf

Download: Secondary Trauma CW Workforce.pdf

Download: STS Fact Sheet - Child serving professionals.pdf

Download: Secondary Traumatic Stress 1pg.pdf

Download: STS Fact Sheet - Orgs with Community Violence Workers.pdf

Download: Understanding Child_Trauma Infographic.pdf

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