w200 PBL Activity

Jordyn Leon

Addison Mcgeary

                                                                                         Find Dory Tips To Help The Environment! 

Standard:K.ESS.4 Communicate solutions that will reduce the impact of humans on the land, water, air, and/or other living things in the local environment. (In Los Angeles!)

Driving Question:

What are ways we can help the ocean?

Saving the ocean is relevant to students because humans are leaving a negative impact on oceans and it hurts marine life. We will explain to them the impact of humans on the ocean and how this might affect animals. Then, when we ask them how we can protect the animals, they will be willing to come up with solutions. But, there is not one solution to this problem as there are multiple ways to help the ocean so each student can create one that is different. Students will be able to work together to research this topic and find a plausible solution to protecting marine life by completing the activities we assign.


Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG3HfYBe3sA

After we watch this video, have kids pick their favorite animal that they learned and say why they picked that animal, draw that animal and then share why. After we learn about everyone's animal the teacher will say what will happen to the animals if we have this issue. For example, if us as humans keep on throwing away plastic into our waste basket (trash can) the animals that the kids pick can get stuck. We will then show them pictures of what we mean. Talk about what it means to recycle and how we can do our part. This is our grabber because the video uses the new Disney movie Finding Dory and we believe that will catch the eye of our students if we start talking about something they love! If we use the Disney characters throughout the project, it will help the students engage more because they don’t want their favorite character to die!


-The students will participate in an experiment to learn about human impact on oceans. We will have students bring in an empty water bottle from home. Have each kid then go outside and pick up 5-10 pieces of trash they find on the yard. Then, have kids fill up their water bottle with water and then put the trash inside. Put the water bottles by the window and see what happens to the water with the trash over a week span. Have kids make a prediction on what’s going to happen to the water once we put the trash in.

-If they had the same animal, they will work in a group to make a poster presentation to explain how to help that animal live in the ocean.

For example: If they picked a fish they would make a poster on how to save that fish from the trash in the ocean.  

- We will film each student giving their presentation to create a class PSA (Public Service Announcement) on how we can help those animals live in their home!

We will grade the students based off their collaboration and if they used their knowledge they learned to solve the problem!

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