Database Security -Exercise and Case study Solution (view)

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Access Control, Alter User, Authentication, Authorizaton, Column Privilege, Create User, Database Security, Default Table Space, Dr.girija, Dr.Girija Narasimhan, DROP USER, Grant, Object Privilege, Profile, Revoke, Role, Security Database, System Privilege
Unit 1 - Authentication
Database Security, Dr.girija, Dr.Girija Narasimhan, Security Database, create user, alter user, Authentication, Authorizaton, Access control, profile, system Privilege, object Privilege, column Privilege, drop user, Grant, Revoke, Role, default table space
Unit 2 - User Profile
Unit 3 Authorization
Unit 4 Virtual Private Database
Unit 5 Audit
Case Study


Database Security is the utmost key part for any type of database, .for example financial information, personal information, employee information and enterprise information. This book will cover following topics such as creating and altering database user, password profiling, various privileges and virtual private database. All the topics are implemented by using oracle 11g software. Especially for readers this book will give clarity about database security concepts such as Authorization, Authentication and Access control. The practical part using oracle provides how to carry out database security concepts technically for the reader.