Multiply Fractions

Title: Multiply Fractions

Grade Level: Sixth Grade

Subject: Math

Duration: One Class (45-60 min)

DOK Level: Level One

SAMR Level: Substitution

Indiana Standard: 6.C.2: Compute with positive fractions and positive decimals fluently using a standard algorithmic approach.

Objective: Review and practice the concepts of multiplying fractions


Khan Academy:

  • Watch the example video and then click the next button to work on practice problems


  • Work until you get at least 10 points

IXL: Math

  • Multiply Fractions (K.1 - K.7)


Product or Assessment:

Math Worksheet:

  • On a separate sheet of paper copy and complete these 10 problems. Make sure you show all work and be sure to put answers in simplest form
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