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Here you can find reading guides that were created by Montgomery College faculty for undergraduate general chemistry students to use to guide their reading of OpenStax Chemistry. These guides are closely aligned with chapters 12-17 and 21 and were designed for use in the second semester sequence of general chemistry. They can be used in a flipped-style classroom where students complete them before the lecture. Or they can be used to reinforce important topics learned in class. Each study guide has fill-in-the blank style questions, and many have links to videos where similar problems are worked through. Finally, suggested practice problems relevant to the topic of each study guide are listed at the end.
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Shoshanna Rudov-Clark on Jan 06, 09:22pm

Hello, I am loving these reading guides so much. I have a question about the reading guide for chapter 12 reaction rates (relates to 12.1 in the e text). The instantaneous rate question - is it asking for instantaneous rate of consumption of H2O2 or instantaneous rate of reaction for the decomposition of H2O2?
Either way I do not get the answer of 8.3E-3 M/h.
For rate of consumption of H2O2 I get a value of 0.04267. I am wondering whether this is due to the approximate nature of the tangent line that I used to derive it? Perhaps providing vertical gridlines and more tick marks, or showing the equation for the curve would assist?

Kristy Kappenman on Jul 27, 07:01pm

Are there KEYS made to these great Reading Guides?

Shoshanna Rudov-Clark @Kristy Kappenman on Jan 06, 09:23pm

Hi Kristy, What are keys?


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