Physical vs. Chemical Properties Lab

Physical vs. Chemical Properties Lab

Grade Level: 10-12

Subject: Chemistry

Duration: 1 class period (50 minutes)

DOK Level: 3

SAMR Level: Substitution

Indiana Standard: IN C.1.3: Recognize observable macroscopic indicators of chemical changes.  IN C.1.4:  Describe physical and chemical changes at the particle level.

Objective: Students will complete a laboratory experiment, followed by answering questions as to whether the changes were physical or chemical in nature.

Procedure: Students need to have a working understanding of the differences between physical and chemical changes.

  1. Review the definitions of physical vs. chemical changes.
  2. Review pertinent safety procedures for the lab.
  3. Have students perform and complete this lab where they will determine which of the experiments they perform are physical or chemical changes.

Product or Assessment: A completed lab submitted electronically

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