Interpretation Rubric—Middle School


Critical Thinking








I accurately describe the important concepts and relationships, showing the difference between important information and supporting details.

My interpretation accurately portrays what is important about the information.

My interpretation is partly inaccurate and leaves out some important parts.

When I describe the information, I make lots of mistakes.

Personal Connections

I show how the information has special meaning for me by connecting it to my experiences, knowledge, and beliefs.

I connect the information to myself.

I try to connect the information to myself, but my connections do not always make sense.

My interpretation does not show how the information connects to me.


I surprise the audience with appropriate, unusual features that add meaning and contribute to the audience’s enjoyment and understanding.

I include some unusual features to add meaning and enhance audience enjoyment.

I try to add some unusual features, but they may not add to the meaning.

My interpretation is predictable.


My interpretation has a purpose and a theme that combines my perspective with the facts.

My interpretation has a purpose and shows meaning as well as facts.

The purpose of my interpretation is hard to understand.

My interpretation just retells the facts without a purpose or meaning.



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