Group Task Rubric – Middle and High School






Understanding of Task

I/we demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the content, processes, and demands of the task.

I/we demonstrated substantial understanding of the content and task, even though some supporting ideas or details may be overlooked or misunderstood.

I/we demonstrated gaps in our understanding of the content and task.

I/we demonstrated minimal understanding of the content.

Completion of Task

I/we fully achieved the purpose of the task, including thoughtful, insightful interpretations and conjectures.

I/we accomplished the task.

I/we completed most of the assignment.

I/we attempted to accomplish the task, but with little or no success.

Communication of Findings

I/we communicated our ideas and findings effectively, raised interesting and provocative questions, and went beyond what was expected.

I/we communicated our findings effectively.

I/we communicated our ideas and findings.

I/we did not finish the investigation and/or were not able to communicate our ideas very well.

Group Process

We used all of our time productively.  Everyone was involved and contributed to the group process and product.

We worked well together most of the time. We usually listened to each other and used each other's ideas.

We worked together some of the time. Not everyone contributed equal efforts to the task.

We really did not pull together or work very productively as a group. Not everyone contributed to the group effort.

Problem Solving

Problems did not deter us.


We were proactive and worked together to solve problems.

We worked together to overcome problems we encountered.

We might have worked more productively as a group.

Some people did more work than others.


Nobody worked very well in the group.

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