Critical Reading Checklist—Elementary




Hardly Ever


I reflect on the ideas I find in my reading assignments.


I think about and solve problems while I read.


I think logically when I read.


I always seek out the truth.


I like to express my thoughts on a topic.


I seek different views on a topic.


I am open to new ideas that may not agree with my thoughts on a topic.


I base my judgments on ideas and evidence.


I recognize errors in thought and persuasion.


I recognize good arguments.


I am willing to take a position on an issue.


I ask probing and thought-provoking questions to evaluate ideas.


I know my personal thoughts and ideas about a topic.


I am willing to change my mind when I learn new, more accurate information.


I can identify arguments and issues.


I look for connections among topics.


I use knowledge from other subject areas to improve my reading and learning experiences.


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