Character Education Lesson 5 of 10

Character Education Lesson 5 of 10

Grade Level:5 and 6

Subject: Show respect.

Duration:Day 1: 15 minutes

                 Day 2: 45 minutes

DOK Level: 4

SAMR Level: Redefinition

Indiana Standard:

Counseling Competencies: Social/Emotional Development

Competency 1: Students will acquire and further develop the knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.

Competency 2: Students develop personal management and collaborative skills needed to become successful learners, responsible citizens, and productive workers.

Competency 3: Students will understand personal safety skills.


  1. Students will understand what respect means and how to show it.
  2. Students will understand what disrespect looks and sounds like. (skit)
  3. Students will understand what respect looks and sounds like. (skit)
  4. With a group, students will be able to take a disrespectful school scenario and change it into a respectful one.


Day 1: The teacher will deliver the Respect Google document to students. Students will view the videos and read the text (15 minutes). The teacher will hold a class discussion using the Respect Discussion & Activity document. The teacher will introduce the skits, explain the process, and assign groups to skits.

Day 2: Students will act out the disrespectful skits in the document. Then students will change the skits to show respect and act them out for the second time.

Product or Assessment:

Day 1: none

Day 2: create a skit for the given scenario 1 (showing disrespect) then create a redo of the same skit (showing respect)


  1. If a student is shy and does not want to act, he or she could write out the skit in “play format” or act something out at home and video tape it to share with the class.
  2. The skits could be puppet shows instead.


  1. Have students come up their own ideas for scenarios and skits
  2. Students could discuss other ways that the redo skits with respect could have gone (There is usually more than one way to be respectful.)
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