20th Century Dominoes

20th Century Dominoes

Grade Level: 11th

Subject: US History

Duration: Multiple Class Periods

DOK Level: Level 3

Indiana Standard: Multiple standards over multiple units

Objective: As a culminating project for the 4th 9 weeks, students will identify an existing historical timeline and, changing one element, demonstrate how that timeline would play out differently.


  • Explain to students how to use Google Diagrams to create a timeline
  • The time this takes will vary depending on how much this feature has been used previously (and this the time it takes will vary), but the basics needed are the ability to insert and edit a text box and inserting arrows
  • Starting with the surrender of the Germans in WWII, have students create a timeline of cause and effect events leading up to the present day.  The number of events can be altered by the instructor, but typically around 10 to 12 events will do just fine, with the stipulation that there must be at least one “domino” from each decade
  • Students should be given at least two class periods, or two days worth of homework, to complete this task

Product or Assessment: Google Diagram


  • Students could also do this throughout the 9 weeks as well, adding to their timeline as they progress through the 20th century

SAMR Level: Augmentation

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