This unit includes one week of lessons which immediately follow the Genetics and DNA units. The previous knowledge gained from these units, as well as a previous project where students researched and shared with their classmates a specific genetic disorder, will provide the background for students to participate in a debate about the ethical issues of applying information available through the Human Genome Project (HGP).
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Mary Mirabello Sohm on Oct 24, 07:52pm

This is a unit I will definitely consider. I have also included some research on genetic disorders in my curriculum content but have felt there is so much more to explore with students that could make the topics more relevant. Today's high school learners need to be exposed to more of what their future health care decisions may include and this unit may open their eyes to that future world. I may not be able to take the unit to the debate end but will try for small group discussions.

Caitlin Gately on Oct 17, 01:21am

Great unit! I like the NOVA video and how you were able to make a more personal connection with DNA/genetics-bringing it into cost and treatment instead of just what diseases are out there. I also liked the debate aspects of this unit - there were some great topics with many different sides to bring up.

Beverly Tedeschi @Caitlin Gately on Oct 24, 06:27am

Thank you. I had difficulty with the debate with freshmen at the end of the year, so I definitely need modification for them as they had no experience and I had no time to teach them debate format. However, when I did it with my seniors, the debate format worked really well.

Linda Hedrick on Oct 16, 07:28pm

I really like the depth that this project takes with a "hot topic" to a higher level with freshman students. As an LMS, I've observed assignments stopping at research/write about a genetic disease. But I'm also observing in general more assignments leading to pro/con issues and class debates. This is a unit that could really expand current practice. I will share it! Nice work.

Beverly Tedeschi @Linda Hedrick on Oct 24, 06:29am

Thank you. The NCBI website is full of articles on specific diseases as well as serves to help relay information from Pub Med with both advanced and student friendly, although challenging articles.

Jessica Payeur on Oct 15, 03:21pm

This is a great unit. I really like the NOVA activities that have students think about scenarios that they could face in their own lives in regards to genetics and DNA. This is a real world application of something that can take a lot of thought and can be controversial in nature. Great resource.

Beverly Tedeschi @Jessica Payeur on Oct 24, 06:30am

I could probably have thought of other situations. I toyed with the idea of having students divided into smaller groups to investigate more situations, but felt there was benefit in focusing on fewer topics that had a wide range of issues included.



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