Unit on creating a genetically modified organism (GMO). Students read several articles to gain real life knowledge on GMOs. Students follow the unit with an interactive notebook keeping track of their work. A final project is created based on their understanding of the knowledge gained from the unit. In the project the students will create a genetically modified organism that will impact the future.
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Grade 10
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Alaura Carson on Nov 20, 04:28pm

Your rubric was very clear and concise. I like how you had the students read each article and then reread it as a class to take notes. I think that this is a great way for students discover something they may have missed when reading the article for the first time.

Ethel Gaides on Oct 28, 09:21pm

Intriguing essential question! Excellent accommodations for diverse learners with the interactive notebook, specific chunking, and highlighting. Even with the interactive notebook struggles, you persevered. Enjoyed viewing the different samples of student work and seeing the progression. I appreciate the teamwork on this project.

Karen Desjadon on Oct 25, 10:50am

The Interactive Notebook is an amazing idea. It truly allows for differentiation and personalized instruction. We have had success in history classes using a similar model. Did you give students the entire slideshow at once? Or did you gradually release the slides? Asking students to directly write on the slide probably helped with managing student work effectively as it can sometimes be hard to remember to change permissions on so many documents.

Slides 8-11 on this Interactive Notebook were intriguing. I wonder how you could help students also ask questions about their reading. They could add a comment to the Google Slide, which would also indicate their level of understanding and what they would like to learn more about.

Thank you for sharing different "levels" of student work. One student stated that "overall, the creative part of the project, along with the independent reading for answers is a good way for students to learn, as they vouch for themselves and read the articles to gain the knowledge they need". You were really able to hit on so many learning styles in this project.

Mary Mirabello Sohm on Oct 24, 08:59pm

I think this unit might pique the curiosity in students and get their creativity flowing. I think students would find the anchor text, Evolution of Biosteel engaging with its combination of sketches and photo images but most of my students would have to be coached along the way as they read the texts.
I like the idea of an Interactive Notebook. Did students have their own devices to use or did they use school laptops etc? There are days we lose so much instructional time as students wait for electronics to "wake up" . Very relevant unit.

Beverly Tedeschi on Oct 24, 06:25am

I like some of the text included in this and will investigate them further. It is definitely a relevant topic. I wondered about the "lab" as it is more of a activity as described. There are some labs that can be purchased through Biorad and Edvotek that may may be appropriate if you wanted to include this in a more advanced program such as honors or AP. Interactive notebooks are also of interest to me, especially for my younger students.

Nathan Carle on Oct 17, 11:56am

Great project! Relevant to their life and in the news. I like the idea of interactive notebooks to keep everything together and organized. I couldn't access some of the student work to check out their final GMO's but would be interested in seeing them.
I think that the choice of texts were excellent and had the students learning skills of decoding authentic complex science text. Based on your reflection that this is the part that they disliked, I wonder what reading strategies might be implemented to help them enjoy this part of the project more.

Caitlin Gately @Nathan Carle on Oct 19, 11:07am

I think I fixed the links-you should be able to open the student work of their projects that are inside their interactive notebooks. The sharing of documents was one part I did not think through and gave us a lot of problem being able to view work!

Jessica Payeur on Oct 15, 04:31pm

I love the use of the interactive notebook in this project. Interactive notebooks are a great way to keep students engaged in the subject that they are studying and to keep them accountable. I really love that you are using google to keep it organized and so students can not lose their work.
Are you in a district that has chrome books or are you 1:1 with some other technology?
If not, how are you able to do this?
GMO's are a very hot topic...did you think to survey the class to see if their are families that shop specifically to keep GMO's out of their homes?

Linda Hedrick @Jessica Payeur on Oct 25, 10:22am

We have 2 Chromebook carts in the library that are used only by classes when signed up for library time. This works out well when teachers sign up for research projects. I like the idea of the survey,wish we had done that.



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