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OER Search Strategies

ISKME's OER Commons digital library is designed to support you in easily accessing resources that are related to your desired topic area or keyword. We offer various discovery tools that allow you to type in a keyword for a basic search, or add additional search criteria like Subject, Education Level, and Learning Standard, Material Type, and Media Format in Advanced Search and Refine Search modes. Before we begin our searching, it is important to consider what our current instructional and curricular needs are. Here are a few questions to ponder to help you identify some potential topic areas and keywords:

  1. Are there any specific content gap areas in my existing curriculum? For example, I might have an urgent need for math modeling or STEM literacy resources.
  2. Are there new types of digital materials that I would like to integrate into my existing curriculum? For example, I might want to offer my students more opportunities to use interactive games and simulations.
  3. Are there innovative teaching and learning strategies and styles that I would like to incorporate into my instructional plan? For example, I might desire to try some kinesthetic learning or guided inquiry activities.
  4. Are there current events and news topic areas that I need resources for? For example, I might be interested in finding the latest resources on climate change or refugees.

OER Discovery in Action

Join Science Teacher and OER Trainer, Joanna Schimizzi as she walks us through her process of thinking deeply about what types of resources she currently needs to support innovative teaching and learning in her class (considering the questions above), identifying a keyword to type into the search bar (kinetic energy), then exploring the results, refining her search, and reflecting on the resource she discovered.

WATCH Joanna's Search and Discovery below.

Joanna's Search and Discovery

PRACTICE: Now it’s your turn to practice using the Search, Advanced search, and Refine Search tools on OER Commons. To get started, go to OERCommons.org and type your keyword into the search bar. Explore the resources and select one that you might be able to use in your teaching.

REFLECT: Hopefully, you were able to discover at least one resource that you might be able to use in your teaching. While exploring the resource you discovered, consider how might you use it in your work. Share a link to the resource you discovered and your reflection of how you might use it. 

*Reminder: you will need to be logged in to OER Commons to add a comment to the resource description page.

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