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Conversations About Quality

When was the last time you were able to have a discussion about the curriculum or courseware you use with a colleague? Many of us have limited time and opportunities to have rich conversations that assess the quality of the resources we use.

REFLECT: Think about the last time you had a conversation about quality with a colleague. What did you discuss? What about the conversation helpful to you? 

For example, the photo above shows Arabic Language Teachers having a conversation about the quality of the language resources they are currently using in their classrooms. They were sharing examples of how they integrate Arabic culture into their teaching. They discussed the successful activities they have done with students that allow them to learn Arabic through playing music and singing.

Evaluation Tools

SHMS has evaluation tools that allow you to have conversations about quality directly on the resource description. Join our OER Training Team as we explore the tools for evaluation in SHMS, including the Achieve rubric, star ratings, and comments.

WATCH the OER Evaluation Tools demonstration below

How to Align & Evaluate a Resource on OER Commons

Any OERCommons.org user is welcome to assess and evaluate resources using the Achieve OER Evaluation Rubrics. While not all of the resources on have been evaluated with these rubrics, some of them have been evaluated and you can search by rubric in Advanced Search.

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