What is a Remix?

Remix is the art of adapting, reorganizing, and remaking existing resources to create something new. Remixing has significant implications in the Open Education community. Open Resources can be localized and adjusted to meet the unique needs of a variety of learners. Through the process of remixing, teachers and students can enrich resources and expand their applicability and inclusivity. 

On OER Commons, users are invited to remix original Open Educational Resources in our Open Author tool.

Create a Remix

To create an OER Remix in Open Author, start by Making a copy of an existing Open Author Resource. Then Remix! Rearrange the text, add new examples, insert new media. Adapt the resource to meet the needs of your classroom. Then share your creation with the OER Community by Submitting your resource for publication on OER Commons.   

Check out OER Remix Examples from ISKME's Teachers as Makers Remix Lab

Video Tutorial: How to Use Open Author

The video guide will show you the process of editing and publishing OER in Open Author. To view just the Remix section, skip ahead to minute 3:38.

How to Use Open Author on OER Commons

Questions to consider when remixing OER:

  • What are subject(s) would you like to focus your remix?
  • What type of pedagogy (teaching methods and styles) would you like to use in this remix?
  • What materials and resources would you need to teach this OER?
  • What would your design for the remixed OER look like?
  • How would you structure the OER?
  • Where would you teach this OER?
  • Who would the students be (grade, age, learning style, etc.)?
  • How would the students learn/experience this OER?
  • What would you rename your remixed OER design?
  • How would your remix connect to the local community?
  • Who would participate in your remixed OER (students, other educators, parents, community members, etc.)?
  • How will this OER meet your student's needs?
  • How is this OER connected to your greater goals as an educator and your school/organization/community goals?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the ‘Make a Copy’ feature

The option to Make a Copy will appear on Open Author resources that have been given use licenses that allow for their editing and remixing. You may use this option to copy an Open Author resource to edit for your unique educational context. The option to make a copy will not appear on resources that do not have these permissions, so you do not need to worry about violating copyright laws when you use the make a copy feature.

May I translate an Open Author resource to another language?

Yes, we encourage educators to use the ‘Make a Copy’ feature to translate a resource in Open Author to another language. If you do this, you will be providing the resource to an entirely new group of users! Be sure to tag your resource with the new language on the Describe screen so that others can find it when they search by Language.

How do I credit the Original Author?

Each remix on Open Author contains a link back to the original OER. In addition, the original author will be notified that a Remix has been published. You may decide to connect with the original author in a group. This is an excellent way to build community among OER Contributors. To learn more about groups, you can visit the groups overview page. 

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