Introduction to Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics Definition

Introduction to Genetics

Mendel Experiment

Phenotypes and Genotypes

Law of Dominance

Punnett square

Linked Genes


The Discovery of DNA

The Structure of DNA

DNA Replication

The Central Dogma of Biology

Transcription: from DNA to mRNA

RNA Processing

Translation: from mRNA to protein

Genetic Association Studies (1)

What are genes?

What are SNPs?

What are alleles?

What is HWE?

Finding allele frequency

What are Genetic Association Studies?

Case-Control Phenotype

The Goodness-of-Fit Test

The Chi-Square Distribution

Degrees of freedom

The Corresponding P-value

Genetic Association Studies (2)

Odds Ratio – Definition

Odds Ratio - Calculation

Odds Ratio - Standard Error

Odds Ratio – Confidence Interval

Odds Ratio - Statistical Genetic Models

Odds Ratio - Example

Linkage Disequilibrium

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