Library Space walkthrough

Library Name: _______________________________

ObjectiveThe library space...Ranking(10 strongly agree)- 1(strongly disagree)ObservationsWonderingsPositives
A. Student Engagement
1.promotes student interaction with literacy (engaging display areas, accessible shelves, furniture that promotes reading.) encourages and inspires student curiosity and exploration.
3. encourages student collaboration.
4. encourages student agency/ownership.

5.provides equal access & engagement for all learners.

6.allows librarian to easily connect with students and share recommended resources via displays of all kinds(including electronic).

7.offers opportunities to support the district’s emphasis on oral and written communication.
8.offers a variety of technology and encourages student engagement and use of technology.
9.allows for many different learning styles and student needs.(including loud/quiet/small/large group)
10. encourages brainstorming/idea sharing/creativity
B. Library facility updated and in good physical condition (carpeting, paint,colors, etc.)

2.has furniture which allows for and encourages flexibility and mobility.

3.has furnishings that are updated and in attractive, modern and comfortable condition to create a positive SEL environment.

4. can support flexible schedules and multiple uses at the same time. ( teaching, literary, tech etc.)
5. has areas for instruction w Apple TV/display options
6.can support community engagement (large groups)
7. has attractive, clear student friendly signage.
1. includes spaces /capabilities for creation (to record video /audio, supports STEAM activities, makerspace activities, etc.
2.can support global collaboration.

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