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This page provides access to resources related to family time/visit coaching in the field of child welfare.

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Visit Coaching in Child Welfare Services: Marty Beyer, developer of visit coaching, provides a comprehensive overview of this innovative approach to supporting parents as they visit their children who are in foster care.

Visit Coaching in Child Welfare Practice

Tips, Tools and Practice Briefs

Download: Practice Brief-Family Time Visit Coaching.pdf

Download: Visit Coaching Quick Guide (Ages 0-3) - Updated Aug 2019.pdf


Visit Coaching: Enhancing Family Time

About Family Time Coaching

In the field of child welfare, we have moved to calling time between a parent/caregiver and their child(ren) once they are placed in care "visitation." While the goal of time between the child and caregiver is multifaceted, the primary goal is to support building a healthy, age appropriate relationship between parent and child with support from a parent coach. To better reflect this important goal, we propose that child welfare professionals begin to approach and speak about this time as "family time" as opposed to "visitation."

Specifically, family time coaching includes:

• Helping parents articulate their children's needs to be met in visits

• Preparing parents for their children's reactions

• Helping parents plan to give their children their full attention at each visit

• Appreciating the parent's strengths in meeting each child’s needs

• Helping parents cope with their feelings so that they can visit consistently and keep their anger and sadness out of the visit.

By slowing down to go faster with coaching, visit time becomes family time, and the parents will be empowered and engaged to make decisions that will ensure safety, stability and permanency for their children.

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