Occupational Education & English

About this course

In this course students begin to gain proficiency in the process of exploring career options to gain desired employment through utilizing effective communication skills including reading complex texts in the form of job announcements and descriptions; using reading, writing, and speaking skills to efficiently explore and apply to jobs, and by accessing and processing information about potential places of employment to effectively create targeted job searches.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the application of essential academic learning requirements in the context of preparing for living, learning and work.
  • Demonstrate occupational specific skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of career options within a chosen pathway.
  • Demonstrate employability and leadership skills.

College & Career Readiness Standards:

  • CCRs Reading Anchor(s): CCR Anchor 1:E, CCR Anchor 2:E, CCR Anchor 4:E, CCR Anchor 5:D,CCR Anchor 6:D, CCR Anchor 7:D, CCR Anchor 8:E, CCR Anchor 10:E
  • CCRs Writing Anchor(s): CRAnchor1:E,CCRAnchor2:E,CCRAnchor3:E,CCRAnchor4:E,CCRAnchor5:E,CCRAnchor6:E,CCRAnchor7:E,CCRAnchor8:E,
  • CCRs Speaking/Listening Anchor(s): CCR Anchor 1:E, CCR Anchor 2:E, CCR Anchor 3:E, CCRAnchor 4:E, CCR Anchor 6:D,
  • CCRs Language Anchor(s): CCR Anchor 1:E, CCR Anchor 2:E, CCR Anchor 3:D, CCR Anchor 4:D,CCR Anchor 5:C, CCR Anchor 6:E

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