Brother Billy, by Frances Margaret Fox

Brother Billy Book Cover

Brother Billy Book Cover

Brother Billy book cover "Brother Billy, Frances Margaret Fox, Cosy Corner Series", featuring a boy in a red sweater and holding a stick

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  • Brother Billy by Frances Margaret Fox
  • Published 1904
  • Historical Fiction


Brother Billy is a short story written for children by Frances Margaret Fox. It focuses on the adventures of Billy, a child growing up in Mackinaw during the 1800's. Billy begins his adventures by digging for beads at the old fort with his aunt, instead of playing Indian with his friends. He's unhappy about this, but hatches a plan to plant beads for her to find quickly so he can bring her home happy and be off with his friends. When this doesn't work, Billy then plans to scare his aunt with talk of Indians. Again, this doesn't work until actual Indians approach and scare them all back home! Billy's adventures continue, from ice fishing to Christmas at Mackinaw, steam tugs to family stories. Brother Billy paints a picture of daily life in Michigan in the 1800's.

Regional Connections

This story takes place in Michigan and addressed regionally relevant topics such as colonization of Michigan, the French and Indian War, the Great Lakes, and daily life in 1800s Michigan.

Notable Features

  • Michigan Author
  • Female Author
  • Short Story
  • Children's Story
  • Includes original artwork


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