What you will need


  • Your Google login and password
  • Identified folders to backup from your computer 
  • A Google Drive folder (where you would like to backup and sync)

      Google Drive Folder
          _ CIU10_Backup

Log in to your Google Drive


Log in to your Google Drive
01-01-create-a-google-folder.pngLog in to your Google Drive

Log in to your Google Drive and create a new drive folder

Create a folder in your drive:

        _ CIU10_Backup

Finish creating a drive folder
01-02-create-new-google-drive.pngFinish creating a drive folder

Finish creating a drive folder

Download Google Backup and Sync Application


Google Backup and Sync
02-01-Google-Backup-Sync_iOYjmYO.pngGoogle Backup and Sync

Search for Google Backup and Sync or visit the following site:

From the Google Drive webpage, select the "Download Backup and Sync" button

Download button
02-02-images-download.pngDownload button

Select the "Download Backup and Sync" Button

Accept the License Agreement


Agree to "Backup and Sync" license

Install the Backup and Sync Tool

Install the application
02-04-download-file.pngInstall the application

Install the application from your Download folder - installbackupandsync.exe

Configure the Backup and Sync Application

Configure Local PC

Configure - Local PC
02-05-desktop-images.pngConfigure - Local PC

Preferences - Backup and Sync - Local PC - Place a check in the checkboxes corresponding to folders you would like to backup.

Configure Drive Location

Select the Google Drive Folder
02-06-GoogleDrive-MatchDrive.pngSelect the Google Drive Folder

Select the Google Drive Folder - _ CIU10_Backup

Screen Animation

Screen Animation

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