Recognizing Drug Abuse in the Home

This resource provides access to the classroom materials for the Recognizing Drug Abuse in the Home course (and the Cannabis update follow-up course)  and serves as a resource library for human services professionals who work with vulnerable children and families impacted by substance use, with a specific focus on child welfare social workers in Northern California.

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Participant Guide: Substance and Hazard Recognition in the Home


Download: 01_TheBiochemistryOfDrugs.pdf

Download: 02_NeurotransmittersAndTheHumanBrain.pdf

Download: 03_InfluenceRecognitionIdentificationSystem.pdf

Download: 04_Stimulants.pdf

Download: 05_Opiates.pdf

Download: 06_Cannabis.pdf

Download: 07_Alcohol.pdf

Download: 08_Depressants.pdf

Download: 09_Inhalants.pdf

Download: 10_Dissociative_Anesthetics.pdf

Full Guide

Download: Substance and Hazard Recognition in the Home-Full Guide.pdf

Supplemental Materials

PowerPoint Presentations on Cannabis Topic

Download: Cannabis Horticulture.pdf

Download: Cannabis_Regulation.pdf

Download: Chemical_Hazards.pdf

Download: Electrical_Hazards.pdf

Download: Grows_and_Hazards.pdf

Download: Mold_Hazards.pdf

Download: Risks_to_Children.pdf

Cannabis Laws (State, City, County)

Download: Cannabis Regulation Handout.pdf

State Cannabis Laws (California)

Download: Comprehensive_Adult_Use_of_Marijuana_Act.pdf

Download: CA_AB-133_Cannabis_Regulation.pdf

Download: CA_Cannabis_-_11350_Offenses_and_Penalties.pdf

Download: CA_SB-94_Cannabis__medicinal_and_adult_use.pdf

Download: California_Cannabis_Regulations.pdf

Download: California_Marijuana_Laws_-_FindLaw.pdf

City and County Cannabis Laws (Selected)

Download: Citrus_Heights_Cannabis_Regulations.pdf

Download: City_of_Sacramento_Cannabis_Regulations.pdf

Download: Elk_Grove_Cannabis_Regulations.pdf

Download: Folsom_Cannabis_Regulations.pdf

Download: Galt_Cannabis_Regulation.pdf

Download: Rancho_Cordova_Cannabis_Regulations.pdf

Download: Sacramento_County_Cannabis_Regulations.pdf

Research Articles and Reports

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