CQI Statewide Conference for Child Welfare and Probation 2018

This page provides access to the presentations and materials offered throughout the 2018 Continuous Quality Improvement Statewide Conference for Child Welfare and Probation, which was hosted by the California Department of Social Services at the University of California, Davis from March 28-29, 2018.  This statewide conference brought together child welfare and probation professionals, leaders, researchers, analysts and other stakeholders interested in learning from one another's successes and challenges and continuing to develop CQI strategies and systems that benefit organizations and improve outcomes for children and families.

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Keynote Presentations

Concepts and Systems of CQI

Presented by Jennifer Haight, Chapin Hall; and Peter Watson, Casey Family Programs

Download: Presentation/Slides: Concepts and Systems of CQI

How to Move CQI Forward in California

Presented by Jennifer Haight, Chapin Hall; and Peter Watson, Casey Family Programs

Download: Presentation/Slides: How to Move Forward.pdf

Download: Bold Ideas Handout.pdf

Moving from Compliance to Common Sense

Presented by Britany Binkowski, Tennessee Department of Children's Services

Download: Presentation/Slides: Compliance to Common Sense.pdf

The Courage to Lead with CQI: A Conversation with Allison Blake

Presented by Allison Blake, New Jersey Department of Children and Families (2010-2017) 

Download: Presentation Materials: Building a Comprehensive CQI System.pdf

CQI as Storytelling

Presented by Jesse Russell, Big Picture Research and Consulting

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CQI Conference Thought Takeaways

Several of the conference keynote speakers and workshop presenters share takeaways in these brief and informative video presentations filmed during the conference.

Lily Alpert - Three Keys to Guiding a CQI Process

Larry Brown - A Leader's Role in Building a CQI System: What does a Leader Look Like?

Khush Cooper - Becoming a Learning Organization

Jennifer Haight - Getting "Better" at the Work We Do

Britany Binkowski - Making the Right Investment and Asking the Right Questions: Lessons Learned from Tennessee

Allison Blake - The Building Blocks of a CQI System: Lessons Learned from New Jersey

Yolanda Green-Rogers - Three Key Factors for Improvement and Quality in Human Services

Ann Emery - The Keys to Making an Effective Graph Presentation to Tell the Right Story

Workshop Materials

The workshops listed below include those that were able to digitally share their materials for posting. To learn more about all of the workshops offered throughout the CQI Statewide Conference for Child Welfare and Probation, including information on all of the presenters, please see the event program.

Download: Program Guide - CQI Statewide Conference for Child Welfare and Probation

Applying Qualitative Data and Developing Data Champions for System Improvement in a Large County

Presented by Mary Lay, Los Angeles County DCFS; and Wendy Wiegmann, Center for Social Services Research

At the Corner of Case Review and CQI

Presented by Julie Cockerton, Jaclyn Elk, and Megan Rivers, California Department of Social Services

Building a Comprehensive CQI System: Strategies and Success from New Jersey

Presented by Allison Blake, Ph.D., LCSW

Building a Learning Culture in Child Welfare: Making Connections with CQI to Inform Policy and Practice

Presented by Larry Brown and San Bernadino County's Sandra Abarca, Kristine Brown, Jonathan Byers and Mia Moore

CQI: A Critical Lever for Driving Toward Common Strategic Direction and Priority Outcomes

Presented by Khush Cooper, Khush Cooper and Associates; and Yolanda Green-Rogers, Chapin Hall

CQI: Creating a Culture of System Change

Presented by Kim Giardina and Laura Krzwicki, San Diego County

CQI: Happening Every Day through the C-CFSR Process

Presented by Shahla Craggs and Katie Sommerdorf, CDSS

Fully Partnering: Using Data in Collaboration and Partnership for Better Outcomes

Presented by James Simon, San Bernadino County, and Los Angeles County's Teri Gillams, Mary Lau and Laura Shotzbarger

Navigating a Path to Creating a Learning Organization in Small Counties

Presented by Nancy Hafer, Northern California Training Academy; Jonathan Pearson, California Department of Social Services; and Daniel Webster, Center for Social Services Research

Nuts and Bolts Part 1: The Questions that Fuel the CQI Process

Presented by Lily Alpert and Jennifer Haight, Chapin Hall

Nuts and Bolts Part 2: Best Practices for Answering Performance Questions

Presented by Cori Allen, Tuolumne County; and Jennifer Haight, Chapin Hall

Probation Forum

Presented by Lisa Campbell-Motton, Los Angeles County; and Larry Brown, Child Welfare Consultant

Real Dashboards of Alameda County

Presented by Alameda County's Michelle Love, Meredith Samp, Jennifer Uldricks, and Britany Walker-Pettigrew

Safety Culture in Child Welfare

Presented by Britany Binkowski, Tennesee Department of Children's Services

Telling Your Story with Data Visualization

Presented by Ann Emery, Data Visualization Consultant

Additional CQI Resources from the Northern California Training Academy

To learn more about the Northern California Training Academy, please visit our website.

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