Academic English

Course Summary

Academic/Business English is designed as a practical course to develop an authentic understanding of how to use concepts of writing and discourse to communicate in the workforce. Students will have the ability to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions in using real-life situations and learning scenarios. All new concepts will be introduced in context while incorporating various writing, speaking and listening activities.



Module 1: Understanding Critical Reading and Writing

Module 1 Pre-Test

Seminar 1 - Google Apps

Seminar 2 - Literacy Narrative

Seminar 3 - What Type of Learner are You?

Seminar 4 - Critical Thinking and Writing

Seminar 5 - Making Inferences

Seminar 6 - Propaganda

Module 1 Test

Module 2: The Writing Process

Module 2 Pre-Test

Seminar 1 - Academic Writing

Seminar 2 - Reading Difficult Material

Seminar 3 - Writing a Summary

Seminar 4 - The Writing Process

Seminar 5 - Pre-Writing

Seminar 6 - Drafting and Revised Summary

Module 2 Test

Module 3: Writing about what you Read

Module 3 Pre-Test

Seminar 1 - Argument

Seminar 2 - Making Connections

Seminar 3 - Reader Response

Seminar 4 - Reading Closely for Details What details stand out to me as I read?

Seminar 5 - Attending to detail in Multimedia

Seminar 6 - Colin Powell Speech

Module 3 Test

Module 4: Researching to Deepen Understanding Unit: Music and Technology

Module 4 Pre-Test

Seminar 1 - Initiating Inquiry

Seminar 2 - Gathering Information

Seminar 3 - Deepening Understanding

Seminar 4 - Finalizing Inquiry

Seminar 5 - Developing and Communicating an evidence based perspective

Seminar 6 - The Writing Process

Module 4 Test

Module 5:  Communication Skills

Module 5 Pre-Test

Background Seminar - Introduction to Communication Skills

Seminar 1 - Listen more carefully and responsively

Seminar 2 - Explain your conversational intent and invite consent

Seminar 3 - Express yourself more clearly and completely

Seminar 4 - Translate your (and other people’s) complaints and criticisms

Seminar 5 - Ask questions more “open endedly”

Seminar 6 - Express more appreciation

Seminar 7 - Adopt the “continuous learning” approach to living

Module 5 Test

Module 6: Business Writing

Module 6 Pre-Test

Seminar 1 - Writing the Personal Statement

Seminar 2 - Preparing a Resume

Seminar 3 - Resume Design

Seminar 4 - Interviewing

Seminar 5 - Follow-Up, Thank You Letters

Module 6 Test

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