ASSIGNMENT:Natural Hazards: Earthquake Impacts on Humans & Places

ASSIGNMENT:Natural Hazards: Earthquake Impacts on Humans & Places

Each segment of history is marked by some well know and life altering events.  Significant earthquakes are one of these significant events. These events change lives, change the shape of cities and villages, and change how future events will be covered.  


You are going to watch the clips below and then research on your own about a significant earthquake that has happened in the last 150 years.


  1. Before starting the assignment, read in the linked textbook about Earthquakes, start page 94:  CLICK HERE

  2. Watch the following YouTube Video about the Seattle Quake.  CLICK HERE


Seattle Quake | National Geographic

  1. 3. Watch and read the following links about the Nepal Earthquake


Use THIS PLANNING worksheet to help guide your research.  It includes areas for your information, your citations, as well as all of the requirements.  Open the link, make a copy, and then use it to organize your information for your presentation.  All assignment requirements are found in the planning page.

Sample Student Work:  

Nepal Earthquake by Rilee Duke

Hawaiian Earthquake by Aleksandra Winkler

Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami by Teonna Breinholt

Japan Earthquake by Alyssa Pace

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