Instructions for case seminar

The case methodology builds on a snapshot description describing a situation or a dilemma. Your task is to identify the problems and important components of the described situation, reflect on the options at hand and propose a solution or way forward. This will require you to read up on both the context and the more general aspects of the situation described.

As a tool to structure your approach to the situation and for our further discussions at the seminar the following headings will be used:

-       Facts

-       Problems

-       Causes

-       If nothing is done

-       Suggested actions

-       Consequences

Maybe not all case descriptions or problems will cover all of these categories but emphasis can be put on different headings depending on the case at hand.

The general outline of the case method is as follows:

  1. Case is presented. You could get the case ahead of time or at the seminar.
  2. Individual preparation (if given ahead of time)
  3. Discussion in small groups (if given ahead of time)
  4. Seminar with joint discussion – be prepared to speak (”cold call”)

Download: Instructions_for_case_seminar.pdf

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