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The EQuIP Tool is found on Lesson Plan and Unit of Study resources within OER Commons. You may easily use the tool to align appropriate resources to the Common Core State Standards, and to evaluate the resource against four dimensions of quality related to the Common Core Math and ELA standards: 

  1. Alignment to Depth of the CCSS
  2. Quality in Addressing Key Shifts in the CCSS
  3. Quality of Instructional Supports
  4. Quality of Assessments

The EQuIP Rubric displays in a tabbed view with the Achieve OER Alignment Tool. Each tab contains a completely separate tool, which can be moved through independently. 

Aligning Standards

Take some time to consider which standards you think are most closely aligned to the resource you are evaluating. You can add new standards, or give numerical scores to standards which other educators have already added to this resource. 

EQuIP Evaluation Tool Aligning Standards
Picture 110.pngEQuIP Evaluation Tool Aligning Standards

Evaluating Rubric Dimensions

It is best practice to move through the dimensions in the order in which they are organized in the tool, and to give a numerical score for every dimension.  This is because the EQuIP Rubric is designed to be a holistic evaluation.  The scores you give for each dimension are all added up to calculate the resource's overall score.  

Alignment to the Rigor of the CCSS

This dimension is the most important dimension in the Rubric, which is why it is the first dimension we ask you to score. 

In the left-hand column, you will see criteria with check boxes.  The more criteria the resource meets, the greater it's numerical score should be. Once you have checked all applicable criteria, give the dimension a numerical score by picking a number bubble from the list in the right-hand column.

Don't forget to leave comments! These are very important pieces of information for the educators who created these resources.

Alignment to the Rigor of the CCSS
Picture 111.pngAlignment to the Rigor of the CCSS

Saving a 1 or 0 in the Alignment to the Rigor of the CCSS Dimension

If you have chosen a 1 or a 0 in the right-hand column of this section, and then click "Save & Go to Next Rubric" You will be automatically taken to the Overall Score screen and the review will be discontinued. The resource you were evaluating will be automatically given an overall score of 0.  

This is because a resource is not ready to be reviewed in the other dimensions of this rubric if it does not meet basic alignment criteria for the Common Core

Saving a 0 in the Alignment to the Depth of the CCSS Dimension
Picture 112.pngSaving a 0 in the Alignment to the Depth of the CCSS Dimension

Automatically Discontinued Review
Picture 113.pngAutomatically Discontinued Review

Overall Rating and Overall Score

There are 4 Overall Ratings which a resource can receive:

  1. Exemplar 
  2. Exemplar if Improved
  3. Needs Revision
  4. Not Ready to Review 

These Ratings are determined by Overall Score 

Exemplar = Overall Score of 11-12

Exemplar if Improved = Overall Score of 8-10

Needs Revision = Overall Score of 3-7

Not Ready to Review = Overall Score of 0=2

Overall Score is calculated by summing all of the dimension scores you gave previously. 

For example, the picture below shows a resource which has been given an Overall Score of 8, because all 4 dimensions were scored at 2 (you can see the 2's in the right hand corner of each dimension box).  

Overall Score
Picture 114.pngOverall Score

Viewing Results and Finalizing OER Review

When you have reached the Overall Rating Screen you will be prompted to Save & View Results.  You will need to click this button to continue to save your work.

Viewing Results

This will take you to a screen where you will see your scores juxtaposed with the average score in each dimension. These average scores are calculated based on all the other evaluations a resource has received from other users in addition to your evaluation.

It is very important that you click the "Finalize OER Review" button on this page, if you would like to save your work in our system. You can also choose to go back and edit your scores at this step. 

View Results Page
Picture 115.pngView Results Page

Finalizing Your Review

Once you have clicked the "Finalize OER Review" button, you will see a "Thank you" pop up at the top of your results page. This is how you know your review has been saved in our system and will display on the resource page.

Finalized Review Screen
Picture 116.pngFinalized Review Screen

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