Adaptation Poem and iMovie for Grade 6 (Work in Progress)

Lesson Summary

The purpose of this project is to create a video presentation that will reveal student understanding of  the concept of  "adaptation" through the creation of a poem and iMovie, each of which will focus on a time in a student's life when (s)he has had to adapt to a change in order to thrive/survive.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will show understanding of the concept of "adaptation" in nature and make a connection to a time in his/her life when (s)he has had to adapt to change.
  • Students will show understanding of basic elements of poetry such as repetition, rhyme and alliteration through creation of an "I Am Adapting" poem.
  • Students will create a story board to represent the layout of the iMovie, including narration and images.
  • Be able to create an iMovie based on his/her knowledge of the concept of adaptation and how this relates directly to his/her life, using both poetry and images  to                 convey  the message.

Evidence of Learning

Students will produce an "I Am Adapting" poem to be used as narration for an iMovie, which will display the student's understandin of the concept of "adaptation".

Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills

Given the targeted understandings and the identified assessment evidence:

*Students will have completed a lesson on "adaptation"

*Students should have had some experience with poetry and it's elements. 

 *What skills do students need before the lesson? 

Standards Addressed

CA Grade 6 Science-Adaptation

CA Grade 6 Language Arts-Elements of Poetry

Lesson Content

Outline teaching and learning experiences, below, that will equip students to demonstrate the targeted understandings.

Anticipatory Set

Modeling of Procedures by Teacher

Teacher will create and model an iMovie and "I Am Adapting" poem 

Activity or Practice of Content


Materials and Resources

*Flip Cameras

*Access to Mac computers

*"I Am Adapting" poem template


Define the following words in your movie:
•    species; population; community; ecosystem;
•    limiting factors (and provide at least three examples);
•    organism interactions: competition, predator/prey, and symbiosis;
•    adaptations (and provide at least three examples) and
•    natural selection.

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