Group Writing and Performance


Students will write and create a 5 paragraph story in a collaborative group.  They will create character puppets, props, and backgrounds.  They will present the final product to the class/parents/other students.


Journal for each  student, pencil/pen

Blank basic outline

Large drawing paper or poster board, about 4 sheets per group

Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils, Oil Pastels

Glue, tape, stapler, scissors

An assortment of craft items such as:

construction paper, yarn,  tin foil, string, toilet paper tubes, popsicle sticks, buttons, straws, corks, card stock, etc.


Class Discussion about genres.  Remind the class about different types (fairy tale, mystery, fiction, non-fiction). 

Write genres types and descriptions on chalkboard. Children record in journal.

Separate the class into groups of about 4 or 5 students per group

Groups discuss which type of genre they would like to write about. 

Getting Started

Each group now has a genre they would like to write about.  

Each group member will pick a character and give them a name.  The group collectively approves each character.  

They will draw a picture in their journal of their character, and write one paragraph describing their personality and interests.  

Next they will brainstorm settings for their story to take place in.  They will then collectively decide on the setting for their story.  

Using one of the large sheets of drawing paper each group will draw their first setting for the story.  

Writing and Crafting

Now that the setting and characters are starting to take shape, they will be able to make a puppet of their character and any necessary props using the craft supplies.

They will need to adhere popsicle sticks to the bottom of their characters to make them puppets

Now they can use their main characters and  drawing of the setting for inspiration to write the story.  

Each group will be distributed a blank outline and will meet with the teacher to fill it out.  They will in the process collaborate to create a plot, conflict and resolution. 

After outlining they will begin the writing process.  

The Writing Process

Each student has a job during the writing process.  Jobs rotate every paragraph so every student has a turn with each job

Jobs include: Scribe, Word monitor(dictionary/thesaurus), captain (has outline, ensures job are being done), quality checker (looks for spelling and grammar errors)

Students begin writing using the formula

1st Paragraph : introduction

2nd Paragraph:main setting

3rd Paragraph: main characters

4th Paragraph: Conflict

5th Paragraph: Resolution and Conclusion


Now that the story is written they will need to make additional backgrounds for each paragraph of their story.

1 background per paragraph


They will use their puppets and backgrounds to act out their story.  Each student will take turn reading a paragraph of the story

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