Forvo Pronunciation (Review)

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Title: Forvo Pronunciation (Review)
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This iOS app gives users access to correct pronunciations of words and not their meaning; as such, no definitions are available. The app keeps a history file of all pronunciations looked up by the user. Over a million different words are available in more than 250 languages, including thousands of words in Arabic. Users can compare different accents for the same word. A top list with the most popular pronunciations is also available.  


This website is a good tool that helps the students learn how to pronounce any word they need. Just create an account, choose your target language, and add the words that you need to hear, and then you can listen to their proper pronunciations. I used this link for myself to improve my Spanish language and with my daughter to improve her Turkish. There are many options that allowed me to create my own list of terms that I use for school translations and my private Arabic tutoring. My Arabic students found this link very useful because it has a large number of participants who are ready to sound out any word you submit in case you need to hear a word that is not already part of the database.

Safaa Elridy, Arabic Private Tutor

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