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As Qatar moves towards a knowledge-based economy, it will be important to prepare Qatari educators to take on a more integrated approach to life -long- learning, which ultimately will enable students to thrive in the new knowledge-based economy. In the first phase of this effort, ISKME will support Qatar University math professors with tools and resources to enhance their teaching.

The purpose of this fellowship is to introduce the participants to a new model of teaching and learning based on the use of open educational resources, within a collaborative professional development model. This includes the use of education materials that are available for localization and adaptation, such as Khan Academy, and other math and STEAM-based Open Educational Resources (OER). Using new models for learning, such as those models based blending face-to-face interactions with online exploration, discovery, reflection and mentoring.

Over the course of the fellowship participants will develop and document an OER Project that consists of new or adapted open digital resources (such as videos and practice exercises, project-based lessons, and hands-on activities). Additionally, participants will help to training others to use and adapt these resources and to help create a network that supports awareness throughout Qatar. 


1.Partner with schools to create opportunities for the improvement of teaching and learning

2.Enable teachers to use, evaluate, adapt, create, and share open content

3.Positively impact student outcomes, and overall help to prepare Qatari students for a knowledge-based economy


•Participants develop, document, and share an OER project


•July 2013: Introductory meeting with SEC math specialists and teachers. 

•September to November 2013: Explore new tools and resources on OER Commons.

•December 2013: Attend Big Ideas Fest (four days) in Half Moon Bay, California, USA

•January to April 2014: Develop OER Project using three or more OER.

  • May 2014: Publish OER Project using Open Author.

Fall 2013


  • Watch the How to Create a Profile on OER Commons video below. Then create a login and profile for OER Commons. Be sure to fill out information about yourself, share what subjects and grades you teach, and upload an image. 

How to Create a Profile on OER Commons

  • Watch the How to Search OER Commons video below. Then search OER Commons and find one resource that you can use in your teaching.

How to Search OER Commons

  • Watch the How to Use Groups on OER Commons video below.  Then create a Qatar University Group to begin sharing and organizing resources with colleagues.

How to Use Groups on OER Commons

  • Watch the How to Align & Evaluate a Resource on OER Commons video below. Align, Evaluate, and Save Five OER to the Group by October 23.

How to Align & Evaluate a Resource on OER Commons

Winter & Spring 2014

  • Watch the How to Use Open Author on OER Commons video and start creating your OER Project in Open Author. See the OER Project Template Example

How to Use Open Author on OER Commons

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