Health & Nutrition

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This course provides an understanding of the complex and challenging public health issue of nutrition and in a world where one billion people are under-nourished while another billion are overweight. Explores the connections among diet, the current food production system, the environment and public health, considering factors such as economics, population and equity. Case studies are used to examine these complex relationships and as well as alternative approaches to achieving both local and global food security and the important role public health can play. Guest lecturers include experts from a variety of disciplines and experiences on various health products.

  • Nutritionists and dietitians involved in nutritional epidemiology research, primary prevention, public health, and health promotion
  • Epidemiologists and health promotion specialists interested in the role of nutrition in disease prevention
  • Academics and those involved in fieldwork and the application of research to identify practical solutions to important public health problems
  • Nutritional epidemiology - studies relating nutrition to health or disease risk
  • Nutrition related health promotion
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of intervention studies aimed at improving health
  • Role of nutrition in high risk and vulnerable groups
  • Development of research methods, validation of measures, calibration
  • Population based research related to primary prevention of illness

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