Video: X-ray exposure of personnel in hospitals

This s a video of 1 min 27 seconds where you can see how a radiologist works and how he can become exposed to x-rays and how he can prevent radiation exposure.

You may use this to demonstrate this kind of work if you for instance teach in occupational health about radiation and Health.

X-rays are often used in hospitals to diagnose and to treat patients. While the radiation dose is minimal for the patient, the situation is different for health personnel working frequently with radiation equipment. To avoid negative health effects, this kind of personnel needs to be protected from the exposure to radiation. The machine should be placed inside a room where the walls and door are covered with lead. Lead absorbs the radiation and keeps the surroundings safe from this exposure. The health personnel should have a separate control room. The door must be closed during the x-ray examination. When it is needed to assist the patient during radiation, the personnel must use personal protective equipment, such as led coat and lead collar. With this protection, the thyroid glandule and the genitals are protected. These organs are especially sensitive to the radiation.

To avoid negative health effects from x-ray exposure, health personnel needs to be protected

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