Alphabet Reading Drill - Reading Arabic Ads


The following is an alphabet reading and writing drill based on advertisements for fast food items, restaurants/chains, and multinational companies that should mostly be recognizable to students.  Students are asked to work in pairs, read the ads and write them out on the accompanying sheet in Arabic and translate them to English.

Instructional Goals Aligned to National Foreign Language Learning Standards

Students will reinforce their knowledge of individual letters, see how they appear in different positions, learn how to read connected letters and test their knowledge of letters appearing in an array of contemporary Arabic fonts.

Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills

Students must have had initial exposure to the alphabet; the exercise can also be used in partial form to provide reinforcement as they make their way through the alphabet, but I have found it to be more effective when students have had full initial familiarity with the alphabet.

Can Do Statements

I can look at an Arabic ad for a product/restaurant/company familiar to me, recognize it with contextual clues and read it. 

Materials Needed

Powerpoint presentation, accompanying worksheet (posted below)

Download: Reading Arabic Ads_1.pptx

Download: Reading Arabic Ads_2.docx

Time Needed

Depending on the class, this could take one 45-minute session, or could be stretched out over a couple of periods.

Instructional Practices

For teacher to lead

Direct Instruction:  Teacher may demonstrate the principle with the first slide or two, and then ask the students to work together in pairs.  Teacher will manipulate the slides as the students read the subsequent slides.

Guided Practice:

Independent Practice:  Students will spend the remainder of the time reading the ads in pairs and writing down the words in Arabic and translating them to English.

Reflection / Processing / Closing:

Academic Vocabulary

List and define new vocabulary used in this activity


Rubrics and questions for students to demonstrate proficiency

Student Work

Upload images, documents, pdfs, and/or videos that show examples of student work

Student Data

Classroom observations and examples of student progress and motivation

Additional Resources

List, upload and link to other resources to support the use of this project in the classroom, and include possible extensions



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