Pythagorean Theorem Activity


Write a clear description of the project, easy to use and understand explanation of the big picture, detailed summary of what teaching and learning styles and strategies are used

Learning Goals

List what you intend students will learn with this project

Depth of Knowledge

Describe the depth, rigor, mastery of skills

Are learners engaged to think critically and solve complex problems? Reason abstractly? Work collaboratively? Learn how to learn? Communicate effectively? Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others? Apply discrete knowledge and skills to real-world situations? Construct, use, or analyze models?


SEC Standards

Describe which standards your project is aligned to and how this project meets those standards, both in content and performance expectations for the student

Student Levels & Needs

Describe the variety of learner levels and needs that this project is intended

Teacher Preparation

Explain what teachers need to know to support the planning and presenting of the project

Include teaching and learning strategies and mixed instructional approaches

Materials Needed

List the materials needed to complete this project in the classroom

Time Needed

Write the time needed to complete the project, including preparation time, lessons and activities, and assessment

Project Lessons & Activities





Research with accessibility supports


Pythagorean Theorem solution by student


Group Work

Peer Tutoring

Teacher Support

Teacher Support

Teacher Support



Super Students!

Ayman's Promise

Practice Exercises & Worksheets

Interactive Media & Technology

Interactive learning experience that students can adapt and personalize


List and define new vocabulary and mathematical terms used in this project


Rubrics and questions for students to demonstrate proficiency

Student Work

Upload images, documents, pdfs, and/or videos that show examples of student work

Student Data

Classroom observations and examples of student progress and motivation

Additional Resources

List, upload and link to other resources to support the use of this project in the classroom, and include possible extenstions.


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