Pre-AP Simulated Conversation (World Language)

In the News

Scenario: An explosion just occurred at a home in a residential neighborhood.  A reporter would like to interview an eyewitness who lives across the street from the explosion. With your partner, choose a role and reenact the interview using the following conversation scheme. 

Reporter                  Greet the eyewitness, ask for his/her name, and ask what he/she heard and saw. 
 Respond with what you heard and saw.  

 Reporter   Ask the witness what he/she was doing when the incident occurred.  

 Witness   Respond with what you were doing.     

 Reporter  Ask at what time the incident occurred. 

 Witness   Respond with what time it occurred.   

 Reporter   Ask the witness what the result of the incident was. (Did you see injured people, did anyone die, was anything destroyed?, etc. )

 Witness   Respond in detail. 

 Reporter Ask the witness how he/she felt like when he/she saw the incident. 

 Witness   Respond with how you felt.   

 Reporter  Thank the witness for his/her time and sign off.  


Thank the reporter and say goodbye. 

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