limited value exponents

Limited Value Exponents

Start by showing students the following two operations:

1. 7x-1x=6x

2. -4y+2y=-2y

Students should be able to determine the rules of exponents as operating within the above items.

Ask students to create two operations of their own that demonstrate an adherence to these same rules as a means to determine their understanding.

Have students hand their two operations to another and pair/share for intervention and assistance. Instruct students to review and assist one another in this way, and in the event that neither has a sense of the rules of exponents in this setting, they can query a 3rd group, and then request the aid of the instructor.

Finalize the lesson with starting a simple operation on the board and have each pair come up and add an integer with an exponent and an operation and solve. Each team extends the operation until all groups have participated.


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