Physical Education: Fitness & Wellness Monthly Calendar Template

Physical Education Resource: Fitness & Wellness

Connecting the Physical Education Program to the Larger Community

Expanding physical education outside the gymnasium is important for a successful program. One way to accomplish community connection is to send home fitness and wellness calendars with your students each month. Students may use and complete the calendars with their families. It is a way for students to practice skills learned in P.E., as well as, maintain a healthy lifestyle, with their family. Teachers may connect the calendars with different incentives or rewards that match your school's expectations and behavior management programs. The below template can be used as is, or revised/remixed to work for your students and program. 

Calendar Directions:

  1.  Download the calendar using the below link.
  2.  Open the calendar and adjust the calendar to match your selected month.
  3.  Write the month at the top and fill in the correct dates in each box (click the top of each box to insert the number).
  4.  Use the current box filings or create a new exercise or theme for each day. 
  5.  Add incentives or rewards that connect to your school's expectations / behavior management program that students may receive upon completion of the calendar. 

Download: Fitness_and_Wellness_Monthly_Calendar_Template_rsczYkE.docx

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