Corte Inglés Shopping Webquest (Spanish)

Activity Link and Handout

Corte Inglés website:

Download: corte_ingles_webquest_yUjg72o.docx

Description of Activity

This activity is designed to introduce students to clothing vocabulary through exploration. No previous knowledge of clothing vocabulary is necessary. Students will need the attached handout and access to the website above.

Students begin by looking for specific clothing items on the website and drawing pictures of them. This introduces students to specific vocabulary for clothing items. Empty boxes are included for students to add their own vocabulary of interest.

Students then shop for one outfit and record their selections. Finally, as an extension activity, students try to figure out additional challenge vocabulary from the context of how it is used on the website.

NOTE: Teacher should check the current exchange rate for Euros to Dollars and revise this line of the student handout if needed.

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