A Collection of Web Evaluation Tools

A Collection of Web Evaluation Tools

This resource contains links to website evaluation tools and acronyms to assist high school students with critical evaluation.  Students may find it helpful to have exposure to a variety of tools.  Students can self select the tool that best fits his/her needs and learning styles.

Web Evaluation Tools

The 5W’s of Web Site Evaluation by Kathy Schrock (Who, What, When, Where, Why)

Evaluating Sources (CARP Test) by Northwest University (Currency, Authority, Relevance & Reliability, Purpose/Point of View)

Evaluate Your Sources (A CRAB and TRAAP) by St. Louis Community College Libraries (Authority, Currency, Relevance, Accuracy, Bias; Timeliness, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose)

Evaluating Information - Applying the CRAAP Test by California State University (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose)

Additional Resources

Website Evaluator by Easybib

This resource allows students to paste in a website URL. Easybib will walk students step by step through a website evaluation process.  Steps include: Purpose, Accuracy, Authority/Author, Publisher, Relevance, Currency, and Review

Website credibility by Easybib

This resource provides a presentation with examples of websites that are credible, may be credible, are not credible, a special note on Wikipedia, and evaluation guidelines. Presentation may be downloaded into a PowerPoint file.  

Evaluating Sources: Online Sources by Frontier Nursing University

This resource contains descriptions of key terms related to evaluating websites. The resource also contains a comprehensive list of different tools that are available to assist with student web evaluation.

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